JUNE 2020

Best Supporting Actor
Best Narrative Feature
Best Short Film
Best Editing
Best Documentary
Best Director
Best Animation
Best Actor
Best Cinematography

Best Supporting Actor - Lewis Reeves - Lola 

A magnetic, subtle and detailed performance that keeps the viewer guessing throughout."

Best Short Film - Make a Wish - Dinh Thai
A tense and witty sketch that blends humour and horror to delicious effect.

Best Editing - Cullan Bruce, Kelly Nickels - Make a Wish
Tight and sharp as a kidnapper's knot.

Best Documentary - PiSS OFF - Henry Baker 
A brave and surprisingly tender portrait of a transgressive performer and public nuisance.

Best Animation - A Wasted Life - Lee Charlish 

The hyperreal, disquieting death dream of an unfulfilled office worker.

Best Cinematography - Federica Foglia - Toad, Leaf, Grass, Rock 
A reverie in 16MM that recalls battered old poetry books and old fashioned dark rooms.

Best Actor - From Star to Star - Ariane Louis
Brings enough charm and empathy to make the character's credulity and patience realistic and even moving.

Best Director - Antonio Amaral - From Star to Star
For a first-person-perspective filmmaking which is engrossing and perturbing in equal measure.

Best Narrative Feature - Antonio Amaral - From Star to Star
A charming, inventive, and funny Burroughsian cut-up about one eccentric's ambition.